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Kangmara La

Start of the Trip: Kathmandu
End of the Trip: Kathmandu
Duration: 8 Days
Difficulty: Medium - Hard
Hotels: None
Seasons: March – October
Maximum Elevation: 5115m

Enjoy trekking above the highlands of Dolpo. The region is closed from November until early May because the area is usually snow bound making the trail almost impossible to trek during winters. Begin the trek from Jumla to Gothi Chaur, heading to Naphukana before arriving at Balsa. At Kaigaon, spend a day exploring the nearby villages. On this trek, some of the famous monasteries you will be visiting include Bompo Gompa of Hurikot on the way to Tojem, Thekchen Gompa on the way to Sumduwa, and Thekchen Rabgyelling Gompa. And you will also have the opportunity to visit the famous glacier of Kagnara La. This trek is filled with jungles of blue poppies, buttercups, mints, gentians, junipers, and puffballs. All along the trail you will get a picturesque view of some of the most spectacular landscapes of Nepal along with great view of the mighty Himalayan ranges. You will have to follow the first four days of Dunai trek, before following the Kangmara La trail.

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Tour Itinerary

Day Section

Kathmandu Arrival-Transfer to Jumla
Jumla – Dochal Ghara (2530m) – Pattyata Lagna (2830m) - Gothi Chaur,
610m ascent, 250m descent


Gothi Chaur – Muni Sangu – Chotra (3010m) – Naphukana (3080m)
420m ascent, 70m descent


Naphukana – Mauri Lagna (3820m) – Chaurikot (3060m) - Balasa,
740m ascent, 710m descent


Balasa – Rim (2890m) – Kaigaon
670m ascent, 430m descent


Kaigaon – Toijem (2920m),
310m ascent


Toijem – Kagmara Phedi (4000m),
1080 ascent

7 Kagmara Phedi – Kagmara La (5115m) – Lasa (4060m),
1110m ascent, 1050m descent

Lasa – Pungmo – Thekchen Rabgyeling Gompa - Sumduwa,
900m descent
Departure from Kathmandu




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