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Limi Valley

Start of the Trip: Kathmandu
End of the Trip: Kathmandu
Duration: 17-20 Days
Difficulty: Medium – Hard
Seasons: Mid May – Early October
Maximum Elevation: 4988m

Visit the impoverished far northwestern corner of the country, which was once a part of Tibet. The lifestyle and culture is very much different from any part of Nepal. The place offers a rich tapestry of geography and culture. The majority of the inhabitants are called Bhotias who originally migrated from Tibet. Sheep caravans are still a popular means of transportation. Trekking is most advisable during mid- May to October. The route remains closed during winter because of snow. Permit fees needs to be paid, as the region falls under restricted areas. In order to reach here you must first book your flight to Nepalgunj and then to Simikot.

Photos of Limi Valley

Tour Itinerary

Day Section and Altitude Hours
 1 Kathmandu Arrival-Transfer to Simikot
Simikot (2960m)

Simikot – Masigaon (2270m) – Dharapani (2270m),
270m ascent, 980m descent

Alternative Route: Simikot – Dharamsala


Dharapuri – Khagalgaon (3400m) – Chachera (2350m) – Kermi (2690m),
440m ascent, 100m descent


Kermi – Chumsa Khola Valley (3600m),
700m ascent, 60m descent


Chumsa Khola Valley – Dharamsala,
4 hours, 600m ascent


Dharamsala – Selima Tso (4600m) –
Nyalu Lagna (4990m) - Talung Camp (4380m),
1000m ascent, 600m descent


Talung Camp – Tshom Tso – Gumma Yok (4170m) Jang (4070m),
450m descent


Jang – Halji (3670m),
400m descent


Halji – Til (3700m),
150m ascent, 50m descent


Til – Lamka Lagna (4300m) – Manepene (3970m),
870m ascent, 580m descent


Manepene – Hilsa (3720m),
300m ascent, 400m descent


Hilsa – Ranipauwa (4370m) – Nara La (4580m) –
Sipsip (4330m) – Yari (3670m) – Palbang (3380m),
800m ascent, 1200m descent
Departure to Kathmandu


Palbang – Tumkot (3000m) – Muchu (2920m),
50m ascent, 480m descent


Muchu – Illing Lagna (3500) –
Yalbang (2890m) - Chumsa Khola (2830m),
200m ascent, 260m descent


Chumsa Khola – Dharapuri,
230m ascent, 740m descent


Dharapuri – Simikot,
6 hours, 980m ascent, 270m descent

Other Treks: Saipal Base Camp Trek

Departure from Kathmandu


*** Fly from Simikot to Nepalgunj, then to Kathmandu. 


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