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Lukla – Tumlingtar

Start of the Trip: Kathmandu
End of the Trip: Kathmandu
Duration: 9 Days
Difficulty: Medium
Hotels: Primitive
Seasons: October – April
Maximum Elevation: 3350m

Follow on the footsteps of the earliest explorers of the Mt. Everest, passing through the green meadows of the Middle Hill from Khumbu towards east. Hike from Lukla trek towards Arun Kosi valley. For a longer trek, consider trekking north from Tumlingtar on to Makalu – Barun Conservation Area, or east to Kanchenjunga. Permit fees needs to be paid to enter Makalu – Barun National Park. Within this Park lies Mera Peak (6476m), the highest peak that can be climbed usually without any prior mountaineering experience. Accommodations include small lodges and tea houses, and fooding is very basic. The last stop in this trek is Tumlingtar; from here you can catch a bus or a plane back to Kathmandu or Biratnagar. The trail also includes a visit to Arun Valley, which is considered to be a paradise for lepidopterist.

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Tour Itinerary

Day Section and Altitude Hours

Kathmandu Arrival

Kathmandu to Lukla Flight

Lukla to Kharte (2680m),
310m descent, 240m ascent


5 – 6.00

2 Kharte/ Puiyan – Pangum (2850m)
760m ascent, 560m descent
4 – 4.30
3 Pangum to Sibuje (2500m)
Sibuje to Najingdingma (2650m)
1120m ascent, 1320 descent
5.30 – 6.00
4 Najingdingma to Surke La (3085m)
Surke La to Charakot
Charakot to Bung (1900m)
430m ascent, 1680m descent
6.00 – 7.00
5 Bung to Gudel (1900m)
Gudel to Chhachalung
Chhachalung to Share
Share to Sanam (2850m)
200m descent, 1530m ascent
6.00 – 7.00
 6 Day 6: Sanam to Salpa Bhanjyang (3350m)
Salpa Bhanjyang to Bhojpur (1350m)
Bhojpur to Gurase (2880m)
Gurase to Bilbate (2800m)
Bilbate to Thulo Fokte (2140m)
Thulo Fokte to Jaubari
Jaubari to Phedi (1680m).
600m ascent, 1170m descent
 7.00 – 8.00
 7 Phedi to Tendor & Talo Phedi
Tendor & Talo Phedi to Dhobane (920m)
Dhobane to Gothe Bazaar (920m)
120m ascent, 1230 descent
 5.00 – 6.00
 8 Gothe Bazaar – Chalise Nepali Danda
Chalise Nepali Danda – Balawa Besi (320m)-
Balawa Besi to Kartike Pul (300m)-
Kartike Pul to Chyawabesi (250m),
700m ascent, 1150m descent
 5.00 – 6.00
 9  Chyawabesi to Bheteni

Bheteni to Tumlingtar (460m)
210m ascent

Tumlingtar to Kathmandu

Kathmandu Departure

 3.00 – 4.00

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