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Start of the Trip: Kathmandu
End of the Trip: Kathmandu
Duration: 10-13 days
Difficulty: Medium – Hard
Hotels: Simple
Seasons: May – October
Maximum Elevation: 4325m

The expedition begins from Kagbeni, which is 2 hours north of Jomsom. You can reach Jomsom via flight from Kathmandu or Pokhara. This Trail begins by taking you through the arid desert canyon to the walled city of Lo Manthang. Permits will be checked at Kagbeni before proceeding onward to the restricted areas. On this trek you will also be visiting some the most enchanting villages of Mustang such as: Tangbe, Chhuksang, and Chele to name a few. Along the trail you can enjoy splendid views of the fabled Mustang valley and Nilgiri peak. While trekking from Samar to Shyangmochen, visit the famous Chungsi cave. According to the myth, Chungsi is believed to be the place where Guru Rinpoche had once meditated. While at Chungsi, you will have the opportunity to visit and explore the 14th century gompa and dzong (five storied palaces). Another fascinating place to visit is Jampa, which literally means “house of the gods” built around 14th century. The temple enshrines Jampa (believed to be the future Buddha). Nearby the temple is the 15th century Thubchen Gompa located with prehistoric stone carvings. Other ancient yet exquisite temples along the region include: the 17th century Chode Gompa, the newly established Choprang Gompa, and the Tsechhen Shendrubling Monastic School built in 1194. Another place worth visiting is the Raja’s (King’s) palace is located at the heart of the city, where the present Raja Jigme Parbal, and the queen still reside. If you still thirst to see more monasteries you can visit Ghar Gompa one of the oldest monasteries of this region. The temple is dedicated to Guru Rinpoche, his consort Yeshe Tsogyel, and Mandarava.

Photos of Mustang

Tour Itinerary

Day Section and Altitude Hours

Kathmandu Arrival-Transfer to Kagbeni
Kagbeni – Chele (3100m),
430m ascent, 170m descent

5 – 6.00

Chele – Samar (3620m) – Yamdu (3920m) –
Shyangmochen (3800m) - Geling, (3570m),
1060m ascent, 590m descent

7 – 8.00

Geling – Nyi La (4020m) – Ghemi (3510m) –
Choya La (3870m) – Tsarang (3575m),
890m ascent, 870m descent

6 – 7.00

Tsarang – Lo Manthang (3840m),
450m ascent, 200m descent

4 – 5.00
5 & 6 In Lo Manthang  

Lo Manthang – Chogo La (4325m) –
Lo Gekar – Drakmar (3820m),
710m ascent, 730m descent

5 – 6.30

Drakmar – Nyi La (4020m) – Shyangmochen,
645m ascent, 671m descent

5 – 6.00

Shyangmochen – Chhuksang
290m ascent, 1100m descent

6 – 7.00

Chhuksang – Kagbeni,
70m descent
Departure from Kathmandu

4 – 4.30

*** From Kagbeni walk up to Jomsom airstrip, from where you can book a flight to return back to Kathmandu or Pokhara.



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