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Phoksumdo Lake via Do Tarap

Start of the Trip: Kathmandu
End of the Trip: Kathmandu
Duration: 12 Days
Difficulty: Hard
Hotels: None
Seasons: May to October
Maximum Elevation: 5290m.

In this trek, you have a choice to combine the trek to inner Dolpo, and explore the restricted areas of Jengla and Jyanta Bhanjyang. This trail is most suitable during monsoons. Since lodges and tea houses are sparse in this region, tents and necessary trekking gears are required. Begin the trek from Dunai all the way to Phoksumdo Lake. An entrance fee needs to be paid to enter Dolpo. The Tibetan Buddhism is the predominant religion of the region. There are plenty of monasteries to visit along the trail such as the mystical Chhandul (Sandul) Gompa, Ribo Bhumpa Gompa, Doro Gompa, Shipchok Gompa, Mekyem Gonpa, and Serin Gompa. You can also enjoy scenic views of the mountains from Numa La’ Base Camp” all along the trail. One of the highlights of this trip is also the Wild gorge of Tarap, Tibetan monasteries, and alpine scenery between Do Tarap and Phoksumdo.

Photos of Phoksumdo Lake via Do Tarap

Tour Itinerary

Day Section and Altitude Hours

Kathmandu Arrival-Transfer to Denai
Dunai – Tarakot,
430m ascent


Tarakot – Laisicap (2600m) – Kanigaon – Chhandul Gompa – Laini (3160m),
810m ascent, 100m descent

 6 - 7.00


Laini – Chyugur Khola - Nawarpaani,
500m ascent, 60m descent


Nawarpani – Tal Tole (3680m) – Serkam (3870m) – Sishul Khola (4080m) - Do Tarap,
630m ascent, 140m descent


Do Tarap


Do Tarap – Mekyem Gompa – Gakaer – Jampa Lhakhang (4180m) - Numa La “Base Camp” (4440m),
360m ascent

6 - 7.00 
7 Numa La‘Base Camp’ - Pelung Tang (4665m),
540m ascent, 960m descent
6 - 7.00 

Pelung Tang – High Camp (4740m) – Bang La (5175m) - Dajok Tang (4080m),
670m ascent, 1330m descent

6 - 7.00 

Dajok Tang–Ringmo(3640m)-Phoksumdo Lake(3620m),
Trek 70m ascent, 270m descent
Departure to Kathmandu

10  Phoksumdo Lake-Ringmo(3640m)-Palam(3280m)-Sumduwa–Renje
(880m descent, 90m ascent)

3 - 4.00 

11 Renje (3010m) to Chepka (2760m)
(500m descent, 320m ascent)

Chepka -Sankta(2460m)-Kageni(2260m)-SuliGaad–Dunai
770m descent

Dunai to Kathmandu-Departure from Kathmandu

 5 - 5.30

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