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Rara Lake

Start of the Trip: Kathmandu
End of the Trip: Kathmandu
Duration: 9 Days
Difficulty: Medium
Hotels: None
Seasons: March - October
Maximum Elevation: 3710m

Rara Lake is the best destination for bird watchers and wilderness lovers. The trail along this region is filled with pine, juniper, and spruce forests. Jumla is the gateway to the north-western Nepal. The Rara Lake trek begins and ends at Jumla. In order to get to Jumla one must first fly from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, before boarding on to another flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla. Rara Lake (2980m) is the focal point of Rara National Park. The route is well off the beaten track and affords glimpses of cultures and scenery very different from those in the rest of Nepal. Treks around these regions are even more expensive since food and labour are scarcer in this area. Permit fees needs to be paid to enter Rara National Park. There are also places of historical significance found in this region. In Sinja visit there are ruins of the places owned by Malla rulers during 12th – 14th century, Mallas were some of the earliest rulers of Nepal. Another historic landmark of this region is the temples of Bhagwati, which is also worthwhile visiting. Some of the attractions of this trip include: Rara National Park, Rara Lake, Jumla Bazaar, and Sinja.

Photos of Rara Lake

Tour Itinerary

Day Section and Altitude Hours

Kathmandu Arrival-Transfer to Jumla
Jumla – Sisnamul (2830m) - Danphe Lagne Camp (3500m),
1230m ascent, 250m descent

5 - 6.00

Danphe Lagne Camp – Tharamara (3280m) – Hiran Duski (2840m) – 
Nyawre (2660m) – Kabre – Bhara (2920m) – Chautha (2770m),
410m ascent, 770m descent

5 - 6.00

Chautha - Bhulbule (3130m) – Ghurchi Lagna (3450m) – Dhotu,
780m ascent, 1050m descent

4 - 5.30

Dhotu – Rara Lake,
550m ascent, 70m descent

3 - 4.00
5 Rara Lake (2980m)  

Rara Lake – Ghurchi Mara (3710m) - Gorosingha,
770m ascent, 830m descent

4 - 5.00

Gorosingha – Sinja (2440m),
450m ascent, 1010m descent

4 - 5.00

Sinja – Jljala Chaur (2900m),
830m ascent

5 - 6.00

Jaljala Chaur – Chere (3010m) - Jumla,
240m ascent, 1140m descend
Departure from Kathmandu

3 - 4.00


*** From Jumla fly to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj.

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