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  • I went for a walk down to the centre of Kathmandu during my first day. I felt as if I was going through a trip back in time, a pure fantasy. I did not judge, believe, or disbelieve. I just looked at what at seemed like an exhibition a street panorama of medieval living. The only jolt to remind me of the present century was the odd car honking its way through the narrow streets. In fact, the sight of cows, goats, and chickens alongside the colorfully clad human inhabitants of this medieval town was bizarre to say the least.

    Craig Bailey

  • Patan reminds me of Venice because of its red brick, the peaceful surroundings and the serenity of its people. But most of all, it reminds me of the beauty of Nepal.

    Erbeto La Bue, Italy

  • After arriving at Kathmandu one should sit on the steps of the temples of Durbar Square and just watch people walking and buying.

    Andre Christoph, France

  • The best way to visit Kathmandu is to wander without aim, then you see everything. By getting lost you discover the most.

    Gilles Callet, France

  • It is interesting to visit Mahakal Temple opposite the hospital in downtown Kathmandu. There is a legend that Mahakal, the great death, enters the temple every Saturday. I felt a definite presence there one Saturday, a kind of excitement in the air as people streamed past the image. Perhaps it was the ancient God or may be just the effect of so many people, bells, incense etc. Go and find out on Saturday.

    Richard Schifman, USA

  • Arriving in Kathmandu in the morning fog, before the cars and rickshaws traversed the narrow streets you forget in what century you are. Kathmandu means “wooden temple” and if you watch fine wood carvings on windows and doors of ordinary houses, they all seem to be temples of everyday life. The people standing at these windows and doors and watching time passing by hardly realize the value of their heritage.

    Renata Holzbachova, Czech Republic, and Philippe Benet, France

  • The traveler to Nepal should know that he/ she will be treated as a celebrity as soon as he/ she arrives in this small country and will certainly be charmed by the friendliness of the Nepalese people who are as good as gold. What is also interesting about Nepal is that it is a country having a protector deity, impressive temples and striking landscapes. It is a kingdom of dreams.

    Tania Muller, Switzerland

  • Whenever I visit a village or town for the first time, I always look for its heart. It is almost always the market place. Thamel and Durbar Square in this sense have fantastic genial expression of Kathmandu. You feel as if you are in front of a multicolored labyrinth.

    Enril Davi, Spain

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