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Volunteering in Nepal Nepal is one of the poorest countries, where growth is stagnated by illiteracy and political instability. According to a survey by Central Investigation Agency, the unemployment rate is 46% for 2008, and population below poverty line is 24.7%. There are poor infrastructures. Half of the children are malnourished and underweight. The average income is less than $1.25 and, the unemployment rate stands at 46% as per 2008 consensus. Almost 85% of the population do not have access to health care. The country suffers high trade deficit. It has some of the lowest social indicator standing in Asia. The other major problem of the country’s economy is inflation, which the government has been miserably unable to tackle. We would like to encourage more social activities from tourists to help the needy people by whatever means possible. Thus we have initiated the volunteer programs, to promote tourism alongside social work. As a part of responsible trekking, we can incorporate volunteer programs with treks. In other words, it is traveling for a social cause. As per your requirement we can arrange treks to some of the most rural outskirts of the country, to help those most unprivileged. Also note that the volunteer programs need not only be necessarily performed in the remote areas, but it can be conducted even within the capital and nearby cities where the problems are equally worse. The place you wish to volunteer is up to you to decide depending upon your convenience. Our volunteer programs include the following areas: Deaf people, Orphanage, Teaching at School, prison children, women empowerment program, disabled help program, health awareness and health care provision program, volunteer agriculture, cultural program/ home stay program. Also volunteer for the newly introduced “save the environment program”, which works towards raising environment consciousness, and performing activities to protect environment. We are actively involved with Creating Possibilities (CP), a non-political, non- religious, non- profit organization, which fights for child’s rights and women equality. In fact, our Managing Director, Ram Kaji Koney happens to be a founding member of CP. The organization has implemented women emancipation programs in Dang. It has also helped establish academic schools, from the contributions of foreign and local donors. Other than providing schooling for children, the organization has also provided vocational trainings and educations, not just academic but also on family planning, health care and environment. The organization has also helped provide clothes for the students, and also helped to build basic infrastructure such as toilets, which still many schools lack in the remote areas. Most importantly the organization is actively involved in fighting against bonded labor. In the case of bonded labor, children are forced to work after the age of 11 or even younger, and are forced into work without any money throughout their lives. Parents sell their children in exchange for money to a wealthier family, where the children serve as domestic servants for a lifetime without any pay. This practice is common for children of underprivileged and especially remote areas and in the Terai region. The organization has also partnered with some of the most well-known local and international academic institutions, foreign charity organizations and social institutions, to fight for this social cause.

The major programs conducted by Creating Possibilities Nepal are:    Schooling support    Scholarship program    Child Friendly Activities and Academic Follow up, and    Indentured Girl Support Program.  

Local Partners:
a. Ecological Protection Forum (EPF)
b. Women Develop Society (WODES)
c. SUNGAVA (Vocational Training Center for Women with Mental Disorders)
d. Reliance Residential School  

International Partners:
a. Himalayan Children Inc, USA
b. Inter- Cultural Women’s Education Network (IWEN), Canada


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